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With this blog, I am planning to offer, as regularly as possible, critical observations on the scholarly and popular literature analyzing the nature of archives or contributing to our understanding of archives in society. I hope this blog will be of assistance to anyone, especially faculty and graduate students, interested in understanding archives and their importance to society.

Friday, July 25, 2008

We All Need a Break

Today I head off for vacation until August 12th, part of the time being spent in a house we rent on an inlet, just off the coast, in Maine. I am taking along a stack of books, with not a single one having anything to do with archives. I am reading travel literature, golf history, fiction, wine and its place in society, art forgery, and on it goes. Now I am sure I will find something of archival significance in all this, but I won't be reporting about it until later in August. And since we vacation with a former president of the Society of American Archivists (and his wife) and a historian (and former archival educator), there is plenty (but just the right amount) of discussion about archival matters. Bring on the lobster rolls.

This is a photograph of the view I have while reading, taken from the back porch. I am so there. . . .